Dental Plans

Dental insurance is divided up into several types of dental plans. Simply put, a dental plan is a way for you to get the dental treatment that you need.

Advantages of private dental plans

dental plansExcellent care – while dental plans from the NHS are good, the level of care in private dental clinics is of such a high standard that more people are looking at private dental plan options. Yes, it does cost more – but sometimes the old adage is true: you get what you pay for when you choose a private dental plan. The service you receive from all types of dental treatments will be excellent from the moment you enter the clinic.

Wider variety of dental services available – there is more to dental treatments than simply getting a check-up. If you require more specialised treatment, private dental plans will help you.

The 50% factor – By paying more each month for dental plans which are private, you are essentially cutting down the amount of money you would be expected to pay for complex procedures. Take restorative measures for example: if you need to get new fillings for cavities, some private dental plans ensure that 50% of the cost is covered by your private dental plan.

This means that some procedures are much easier on your pocket. Therefore, having the foresight to choose private dental plans could mean that you end up saving more money on expensive procedures.

Tip: Choose private dental plans if you need to have your teeth in tip-top shape more than twice a year. If you require healthy teeth for your work, private dental plans are the way to go.

Advantages of NHS-affiliated dental cover

Here are a list of the advantages of having a NHS dentals plans and private dental care:

Cheaper – these types of cover are excellent for people who want to save money. Dentistry is known as an industry that is notoriously expensive, whether that is teeth whitening or having a root canal procedure. This is why NHS dental treatment topped up with a dental plan is great if you are looking at things from a financial point of view.

NHS-affiliated cover offers the chance to get check-ups and smaller dentistry treatments. The accessibility of the NHS due to the fact everyone in the UK knows what it is and what to expect is also an advantage because you know that you are putting yourself and your family in safe hands.

The fact that the NHS is spread across the UK means that if you are in a different town in the UK from the one where you live in, you can still pop in to an NHS-affiliated dentist and exercise your dental plan cover. This flexibility makes this type of cover a good choice if you are moving to another part of the UK for work.

Tip: Check your monthly spending for the past 6 months to assess whether you can fit in NHS dental plan cover into your budget. Moving a few pounds around should to do the trick to allow you to get a NHS dental plan.

How dental plans can protect you

Mouth cancer: This form of cancer is something that more people suffer especially if they are smokers. If you get mouth cancer, you can use your dental plans to combat it by going in for treatments. At, we are committed to providing information about mouth cancer in your dental plan if you require it.

Remedial treatment: This type of dental plan care is important especially if you want to have work done on your teeth. Remedial dental treatment is included in a dental plan which means dentures, fillings and crowns are part of the treatment. This type of dental care is fantastic if you are someone who wants to improve the health of your teeth. Remedial treatment can be found on NHS cover on a basic level. If you need a more detailed way of tackling remedial features such as dentures, try a private dental plan instead.

Check-ups: This is the most common reason why people go to the dentist. Do you remember memories from your youth of going to the dentist and that feeling of being in the waiting room? The fact is check-ups are the easiest part of going to the dentist because they do not apply any pressure to your teeth. The brilliant thing about choosing a dental plan where check-ups are included is there is virtually no financial pressure put on you whether you go for NHS cover or private dental cover. Check-ups can include anything from having an x-ray done for your teeth to simple hygiene treatments.

Cash incentives: If you had a dental accident under private or NHS cover, you could be entitled to hospital cash benefit of a specific cash value under the terms and conditions of your dental plan agreement. This is useful if you are putting your children on your dental plan as it will protect them in case of accidents and emergencies, while making it easier for you to take care of them during recovery because of the cash benefit available.

Whether you are choosing a private dental plan for a little bit extra or you want NHS-affiliated cover for something simple that fits into your lifestyle, dental plans come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. The best way to look at a private dental plan or an NHS dental plan is like apples and oranges in a basket. Both are essentially different from each other; however they are both equally nutritious in what they provide. If you choose a private dental plan over NHS cover or vice versa, you are still taking care of your teeth which is the most important part of choosing a dental plan.